Powder Ribbon Mixer: Whirling Agitator and Horizontal U-shaped Housing

Powder Ribbon Blender

A powder ribbon mixer, also known as a ribbon blender, is a versatile and widely used machine for combining different powders, powder with liquid, powder with granules, and dry solids. It is characterized by its whirling agitator and horizontal U-shaped housing, making it an essential tool in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, construction, agricultural chemicals, and more. The machine is highly efficient, cost-effective, and extensively used for achieving thorough and consistent mixing of materials.

Advantages of Ribbon Blender

  • fast and efficient
  • safe and stable

Application: chemical, pesticide, dye, medicine, feed, fertilizer, metallurgy, mining, food, plastic, additives, and other industries.

Design and Construction of Powder Ribbon Mixer

The powder ribbon mixer consists of a horizontal U-shaped casing and a rotating agitator, which is made up of inner and outer helical agitators. The inner ribbon moves the material from the center to the outside, while the outer ribbon moves the material from two sides to the center, and it is combined with a rotating direction when moving the materials. The machine is designed to provide a highly balanced mixing of materials, and it is effective for mixing powder, granular, and liquid materials. The construction of the different parts of the machine is carefully carried out with consideration to the features that are exposed to the materials, reducing the level of contamination of the product. The main parts of the ribbon mixer are constructed with stainless steel, which undergoes refining methods such as polishing, mirror polishing, sandblasting, and wiredrawing.

Ribbon blender's external structure

Working Principle of Powder Ribbon Mixer

The powder ribbon mixer works by using the agitator’s double helix design to efficiently mix the bulk materials in two directions via a convective movement. The outer ribbon brings material from the sides to the center, while the inner ribbon pushes material from the center to the sides. The precise gap tolerances between the walls of the mixer and the soft material wipers help keep the product from building up on the sides. The drive mechanism often consists of a belt drive for the powder transmission between the motor and gearbox. This arrangement uses a system of flexible belts and pulleys to produce the desired speed and torque required for the specific mixing application.

Advantages and Applications of Powder Ribbon Mixer

The powder ribbon mixer offers several advantages, including:

1. Efficiency: The machine is highly efficient in delivering smooth results at the end of the process.

2. Versatility: The machine is versatile and can handle all kinds of powder or granule mixing. It is widely applied in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and other industries.
3. Full Discharge: The machine is capable of full discharge via a centrally located discharge port. By running the mixer at low speed, the product can be easily pushed back and forth until the mixing vessel is nearly empty.
4. Customizability: The machine can be customized to speed adjustable by installing a frequency converter. Loading systems such as stairs for small model mixers, working platforms with steps for larger model mixers, or screw feeders for automatic loading are all available.

The powder ribbon mixer is a versatile and efficient machine used for the mixing of various materials such as powders, pastes, and dried granules. Its design, construction, and parts make it an essential tool for achieving thorough and consistent mixing results. The machine’s efficiency, versatility, full discharge capability, and customizability make it a valuable asset in various industries.

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Guidelines For Ribbon blender

Ribbon blenders are essential equipment in various industries where the quality and consistency of the final product are critical factors. They are highly efficient, customizable, and reliable mixing solutions that offer unsurpassed performance and versatility. By integrating a ribbon blender into your production line, you can ensure consistent and reliable product quality, increased productivity, and reduced manufacturing costs.

Ribbon Mixer
Guidelines For Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender Mixer Equipment

A ribbon blender mixer, also known as a ribbon mixer or horizontal ribbon blender, is a powerful industrial machine designed for thorough and efficient blending of various materials.

Ribbon Mixer
Guidelines For Ribbon Blender

What is A Small Ribbon Blender?

The small ribbon blender is a versatile and efficient machine used for the mixing of various materials such as powders, pastes, and dried granules.

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