Nitrogen Generator

Franli nitrogen generator uses pressure swing adsorption(PSA) nitrogen production technology, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production uses carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent. Under certain pressure, the carbon molecular sieve can adsorb more oxygen in the air than nitrogen. Through the programmable control of the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve, the two towers A and B can alternately cycle, pressurized adsorption, decompression desorption, and complete oxygen and nitrogen Separate to obtain nitrogen with the required purity.


Franli nitrogen generator has the following advantages:


Provide the best commercial value


1. The filling and compaction of the molecular sieve are professionally done in a professional environment, with greater density and higher efficiency.


2. The design of the process and structure is optimized, and the system can exert its maximum potential.



Higher reliability


1. Use a special valve that is frequently switched over one million times without failure to ensure the stable operation of the system.


2. The system design is more reasonable, and the equipment is safer and more reliable.


More convenient to use


1. Nitrogen can be automatically recorded, which is convenient to find the working status at any working time.


2. The system runs fully automatically, and the whole process can be unattended.


3 . High precision of nitrogen production, up to 95%-99.995%