Advantages of the FRANLI double planetary mixer

Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is suitable for electronic electrode slurry, adhesive, mold glue, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, anaerobic glue, paint, ink, pigment, cosmetics, ointment, etc. aviation, medical, electronic, chemical, food, etc. Industry restrictions, building materials, pesticides, and other industries.

Details of Double Planetary Mixer

  • The common agitators include paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type.
  • good mixing, reaction, kneading, and dissolution functions.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

Picking a suitable double planetary mixer was easy in the past. You just had to pick the one that works best. The process has become more complex over the past few years because of all the innovations and changes. You need to plan carefully to find the right one. You must think about efficiency, time conservation, and space. The initial cost of production and any other overhead associated with it are always top of mind for lab managers.

Expanding the process industry requires that you consider efficiency in mixing. Mixers cannot be used as a production tool, but they are a crucial tool for the business. Labs must be competitive with other businesses and still profitable. They should be both cost-effective and efficient. This means that all types of mixers must be considered when trying to increase productivity. There are three main types to be aware of: a Double Planetary, a Planetary/Disperser, and a double planetary mixer. There is one significant difference between these three types: the mixing method. The Dual Shaft Mixer, as well as Planetary/Disperser, starts with a liquid. As solids are added, the mixture builds thickness. In the double planetary mixer, this order is reversed. Due to the higher viscosity, it disperses at a high rate of speed without the use of a high-speed dispenser. A small amount of liquid can then be added to achieve the right thickness.

About Double Planetary Mixer

Mixer selection is often a complex task due to its versatility. Lab tests can help to refine the process of selecting the suitable mixer for the job. The lab techs also have the opportunity to improve their mixing technique through testing. It is possible to test various combinations and vacuum applications. You can also see how powders are mixed, as well as the shear rate and agitator speed. This will improve production and performance.

Mixer testing should be done using the same materials used in production lines. The whole process must be repeated to determine if any changes can be made. Mixer testers should be tested using your materials. This will help you design the mixer. It is essential to carefully consider the results of tests so that the final product can be more profitable and more productive. While testing in the lab is time-consuming, the result will be worth it.

Features available in a variety of formats

The double planetary mixer control box is responsible for controlling the mixing arms. Due to its unique design, it offers greater efficiency in mixing concrete.

Steady driving capacity: This mixer’s entire control and power is provided by a hard-surface gearbox.

Easy to Maintain: The transmission of the vacuum planetary mixer is located at the top of the drum. It is therefore completely isolated from concrete. This makes it easy to maintain the mixers. There are very few leakage issues. This mixer has a unique structure that reduces maintenance while ensuring optimum performance.

Uniquely Designed Water sprayer: These mixers include particular types that spray water in equal amounts.

Mixing and Blending Equipment

Mixing dry concrete is what these mixers do. Mix commercial concrete, precast concrete, and high-performance concrete with this mixer. These vacuum planetary mixer devices also have many other uses. It can be used to produce pre-fabricated components and building blocks. These devices are often used in construction sites for dry mortar, color concrete, or steel fiber reinforced concrete.

❖You can mix paste, wet mass and dry powders with vacuum mixers, one of the most innovative designs in a vacuum mixer, which facilitates a homogeneous mix.

❖You can find a huge selection of mixers in online shops at affordable prices. It is crucial to pick the right devices for your needs to achieve optimal results.

❖These days, the criteria used to distinguish one mixer from another have changed. You should not attempt to differentiate mixers if you have never done so. The old theory that mixers could be distinguished has changed. Mixers of that time were classified according to their capabilities as well as the requirements. At this age, you don’t need to be able to identify the viscosity in your materials. The only thing you need to do is look at the droplet and then decide on the most efficient. These days are over.

❖Modern engineering has made it possible to divide mixers into various types, including double planetary mixers, high-shear mixers, and Multi shaft mixer hybrids. This has allowed mixers to be more versatile than they were before.

❖The rapid advancements and changes in technology have revolutionized our lives and the process of selecting mixers. Many apps could give us two, three, or more types of mixers, each with the same quality and standard. This has enabled us to increase production, reduce costs and improve other aspects.

❖You will find that new mixers can do more than older models if you replace your existing mixers. Modern technology allows you to mix any material with ease. You may need to mix viscous gels or pastes in a variety of situations. They are vicious and can reach several million cps. However, mixing viscous materials can be accomplished with many efficient and cost-effective mixers like power mix, Dual shaft mixers, and power mix.

Things to Selecting Any Mixer

Ultra-high shear mixers are recommended if the four-bladed mixer cannot reduce particle size significantly. These homogenizers can be less appealing for lab techs due to some limitations. These mixers require extensive maintenance and can take up a lot of time to clean. It can also be costly to switch to this mixer at first. These vacuum planetary mixers are very efficient in reducing the size of particles for mixing. They can produce extremely small particles in just one round.

To ensure proper adhesive application, both the solvent and the bonding agent must work together. Mixing adhesives with high solids is not possible in traditional mixers. Multi-shaft mixers are used to mix these adhesives. They each have separate agitators that work in tandem. An anchor (low-speed) can be used with two high shear units. This Franli helps to transfer heat evenly through the device by moving the product.

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Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

FRANLI is a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer. Our double planetary mixer is especially suitable for dissolving, mixing, kneading, and reacting from powder to high-viscosity and high-density materials. According to different viscosities and material characteristics, Choose the right stirring paddle, and provide supporting equipment and production lines for double planetary mixers.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

How to buy a double planet mixer?

This double planetary mixer can mix all types of viscosity of the material in no time. This double planetary mixer contains high-capacity blades that can work from 1 million centipoises to 8 million centipoises.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer For Sale

FRANLI double planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, multi-purpose, and no-dead angle mandatory mixing and dispersing equipment.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Electronic Slurry & Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are widely used, especially in the field of electronic slurry, whether it is stirring or mixing, the final output effect has been recognized by all walks of life.

Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer: Laboratory & Production

There are two types of double planetary mixers produced by FRANLI, which mainly involve two major application fields, one is laboratory research type, and the other is a factory production line

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Structural Adhesive Production Equipment & Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is one of the ideal types of equipment for low-viscosity materials. This facility has a low and fast mixing dispersing disc, which can complete the functions of high shear and dispersing low viscosity materials at the same time.

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