Vertical Ribbon Blender

Rertical Ribbon BlenderThe vertical ribbon blender is reliable and stable in operation, especially suitable for the mixing of powder and granules with high hygiene requirements; it is also suitable for the mixing of viscous fluids or thick, wet, and paste-like materials. Vertical ribbon blender is widely used in the mixing and mixing of materials in the chemical industry, pesticides, dyes, medicine, feed, fertilizer, metallurgy, mining, food, plastics, additives, and other industries.

The vertical ribbon blender is directly driven by the reducer to rotate the agitator; and there is no transmission mechanism in the cylinder, which fundamentally eliminates the material pollution caused by the leakage of lubricating oil; and the gap between the outer ribbon and the container wall is very small, To prevent the material from sticking; the unique vertical structure makes the overall structure compact, covers an area, and is convenient for discharging, which can realize complete discharging by vertical ribbon blender.

Main Technical Parameters

Rertical Ribbon Blender Parameters